Vishka Skincare

Vishka  Skincare Medspa is the Premier Medical Spa and Laser Hair Removal facility in Arlington and Washington DC. Our five-star spa invites you to relax and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere while benefiting from our Advanced Skincare and beauty resources, facials and surgical straightening services, laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light) photorejuvenation, Dermal Filler, and chemical peel. Our professional staff has over fifteen years of industry experience and we are ready to assist you with achieving your beautiful and healthy lifestyle goals.


Vishka Skincare is the best beauty and skincare center in  Arlington, VA. Our technicians are Master Estheticians, Certified Professional Electrologists, Certified Laser Hair Removal Professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Permanent Makeup, and  Internal medicine physicians and Eyelash Extensions Stylists Certified by Xtreme Lashes®. Our expert team provides the latest techniques, best equipment, and top-of-the-line products including Skinceuticals, Skinmedica , Rosa Graf, Vi Derm, and Perfect DermaPeel

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Vishka Skincare offers a wide range of skin care treatments and Laser hair removal, Facials, Electrolysis hair removal.

Our Skincare Services

Skin Care

Surgical straightening, Signature Facial, Microneedling (vampire facial), Acne Facial, Deep-pore cleaning, Triple Vitamin C facial, PCA peel, TCA peel, VI peel, Perfect DermaPeel, Oxygen Facial, and Dermaplanning.

Hair Removal

Vishka Skin Care provides affordable, safe, fast and efficient laser hair removal and reduction for all skin types. We are FDA compliant and CE (European Conformity) certified for laser hair removal.


Ageing is inevitable, and we all go through it as we grow old. With the use of injectables, Per-Lane Filler & Juvederm, our spa is dedicated to making you look younger and look even more beautiful

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a skin treatment that relies on laser energy that encourages healing in irregular areas of the skin surface. It works by influencing collagen production that covers wounded areas of the skin. Collagen is responsible for making the skin elastic and firm, as well as its tone. Laser technology is safe and does not have any long-term detrimental effects. It can be used in areas of the skin, including the face. The technology is also very precise and can be used on a specific area of the skin without damaging another region.

What Our Clients Say

Where do I even begin? Fay is AMAZING! I found her on a random Groupon whim and then never left, haha. Now I see her often for hair removal and facials...and I’m seeing excellent results. Ive already recommended her to all my friends and will continue to do so. She has the best pricing in Arlington, she IS the best in Arlington and even better...there’s parking! I highly recommend Fay and her staff. She is warm and kind and makes you feel at ease every time you go in. I always love my Fay hugs when I arrive and leave! You will have a great experience with her.
15:32 07 Jul 18
Vishka is a true gem ! She is such a sweetheart. Very professional lady who takes her time to give me excellent service. I started my electrolyses treatment back in March and have been consistent with my appointments. After the first appointment I started seeing results and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Sadly I’ll be moving from the area and will have to continue my treatments with someone new. I wish I could pack Vishka up and bring her with me. I’m grateful I found her and got to use her service. She’s very pleasant and highly skilled. I thoroughly recommend her!
marian sackey
marian sackey
16:25 09 May 18
Vishka is absolutely amazing!I originally purchased a Groupon for 3 laser hair removal sessions for a small area on my face in October last year and since then she has become my hair removal technician for my full-body laser hair removal treatments. I have been to other providers for laser hair removal treatments but have seen the best results hands down with Vishka ( as soon as 3 sessions). Vishka is extremely knowledgeable, personable, accommodating, affordable, kind, -and the list goes on. I've only had wonderful experiences and she's the first name I mention to all of my friends/family who are looking for permanent hair removal services.
Jamila Lashley
Jamila Lashley
00:29 17 May 18
Fay is the BEST. I had been asking around for months to find the best person for electrolysis... and what do you know, I found her on my own! (Either my friends haven’t done electrolysis or they are lying about not doing it) 🙂 Fay welcomes all of my weird questions and does a phenomenal job during the treatment. Highly recommend!
Betsy Herrelko
Betsy Herrelko
15:37 09 May 18
What can I possibly say about Vishka Electrolysis and skincare, I tried a lot of Electrologists before, and I have found faster and better results with Vishka skincare, the staff is absolutely competent and professional .Also, I got 6 Laser hair removal treatments for my daughter's face as well, she only had 3 treatments and what a difference!!!!! Her face is overall clearer because she doesn’t have these stupid patches of hair along her cheeks and her skin glows because there are no ingrown hairs causing acne build up. Fay is hands down the most professional, nice, and helpful. Highly recommend to all.
Mojgan Rafia
Mojgan Rafia
01:49 30 Apr 18

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If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice will be required to pay 50% of the service reserved in order.


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