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We provide several skin care services that rejuvenate your skin to make you look and feel younger. Below are a list of our skin care services that we provide at Vishka Skincare.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-surgical Face lift treatment is used to remove the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells. It will also remove the uneven outer layer of skin leaving you with healthier facial skin. Our procedure uses a process of skin rejuvenation to treat the acne, fine-lines and wrinkles on skin. The process makes the collagen thicker that will lead to a more youthful looking skin tone.

Vishka Signature Facial

An Amazing experience with no equal. This treatment combines powerful vitamins and anti oxidant to improve look and feel of your skin immediately includes surgical straightening and completed by eye and lip wax.

Microneedling (vampire facial)

Microneedling is a type of collagen induction therapy in which a small device covered with tiny needles aerates the skin surface for the stimulation of collagen production. This procedure will improve the skin texture, fill the pores and rejuvenate the skin. Micro-needling is a perfect simple and fast solution for acne and chickenpox as well as stretch marks. This procedure is safe and effective for all areas of the body; including the arms, neck, hands, legs and abdomen.

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Acne Facial

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions and often has profound effects on a person’s self-image and self-confidence. If you are suffering from acne breakout, an acne facial is strongly recommended as an easy and effective treatment. Although acne is commonly associated with teenagers, adults with oily skin are equally challenged by acne. Vishka’s Acne Facial treatments include steaming and deep cleansing to remove pore-clogging sebum. Our antibacterial ingredients are employed in a deep-cleansing facial to prevent future acne breakouts. Try this helpful and safe treatment today!

Deep-pore Cleaning

Vishka’s Deep-pore cleaning is a perfect solution for skin types which are Clogged, Congested, and prone to break out. This treatment makes your skin glow and feel soft and fresh. Our Deep-pore Cleansing Facial includes Steaming,Cleansing,Exfoliation,Extraction, facial massage, mask, serum and adding moisturizer. This technique is also very helpful for removing blackheads and healing tiny bumps on the skin texture.

Triple Vitamin C Facial

Vishka’s skin treatment with Vitamin C serum infuses antioxidants into the skin cells to erase the sign of encroaching aging and to fight free radicals which are responsible for damaging the skin’s vital collagen and as a result make the skin dry-out. Our treatment methods will visibly decrease the signs of wrinkles and fine lines and makes you skin more youthful.

PCA Peel

At Vishka we understand that there are a variety of chemical treatments that can be used to flake and freshen your skin. PCA corrective peels are one of the most effective and pain-free ways of rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is beneficial in removing the signs of aging, sun damage, enlarge pores and oily skin. Our experienced and professional staff are knowledgable in the techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the PCA peel process.

TCA Peel

Trichloracetic acid (TCA) is a medium depth peel which replaces the dead skin cells with a new layer of skin. This new layer is softer and smoother and will improve the overall tone of the skin and will remove acne scars in most cases. Vishka’s TCA peel treatment will also decrease the size and contrast of many age spots and skin discoloration.

VI Peel

VI peel is a long-lasting and pain-free treatment which has the same effect as deep chemical peels. At Vishka, our treatment includes five rejuvenating acids: Salicylic Acid, TCA, Phenol, Retin-A, and Vitamin C. VI peel will softly remove the dead layer of your skin. In less than a week you will see the improvement in skin tone and texture; large pores are reduced and sunspots, scars, and fine lines will disappear.

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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen provides an incredible regenerative effect on the skin? In a rich oxygen environment, not only will infections not survive, but also healing will occur more quickly. Infusion of vitamins and oxygen encourage the growth of new cells such as collagen. Collagen will give your face a more youthful and fresh appearance. Vishka’s Oxygen Facial is a non-invasive treatment that makes sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles just disappear and leave a more elastic, firmer and smoother skin. This inexpensive technology will rejuvenate the skin that has been exposed to smoke, polluted air, and other environmental duress. Our process includes spraying a 98% pure hyperbaric oxygen which has been infused with a Insert an ADJECTIVE (what does the serum do: cleanse, heal, smooth, etc.) serum and consists of essential nutrition and antioxidants. This combination will repair the skin and allow it to reach to its optimum potential.


Dermaplanning treatment involves a small special blade that is professionally and safely moved across the surface of the face to remove the villus hairs as well as erasing the dead cells of your skin. It is something beyond a shaving and is performed by a trained and experienced aesthetician. This treatment will instantly improvement the tone and texture of your skin and will make your skin glow and look younger.

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