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The Best Permanent Makeup Services

Micro-pigmentation is a technique that results in permanent makeups on the skin. It involves making designs that look like makeup.

For example, permanently enhancing skin colors of lips, the brow and eye lining. The permanent makeup process makes it possible for old people and those who may have been affected by diseases like; chemotherapy, genetic disturbance to regain back their eyebrows artificially.

The makeup lasts for a relatively very long time depending on the skin type but it’s not influenced by different skin colors but the more delicate the skin, the more vulnerable it is to effects caused by swimming and exposure to sunlight. The pigmenting process is very safe because the tools used are of high sterile quality and usually observe the safety and health standards observed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Ombre Brow

Ombre Brow is the latest semi-permanent makeup method that enhances the looks and appearance of the brows. Depending on the type of the skin, it can take approximately between 12-24 months an equivalent to one year. It gives a permanent shiny and beautiful look on the eyebrows. It also gives a waterproof, natural and durable effect to the skin.

Micro blading

Micro blading is a tattoo making technique where a small tool held by hands with numerous tiny needles is used to perform permanent marking to the skin. It’s applied on the eyebrows in an attempt to create and reshape the appearance of the eyebrows. The skilled and professional workers help you to make the best look out of your face.

Ombre lip

Ombre lip is a style of giving a person’s lips a fabulous look. Through the process of pigmentation, therefore, Lips usually look awesome and admirable. In fact, if you try this style, you will definitely like it because one chooses over a range of colors that satisfy them.

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