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PDO Thread Lift & Restoration

PDO NovaThread Lift

This is a non-invasive procedure where absorbable sutures provide a subtle lift to the skin. The result appears very natural. Another benefit of this procedure is that it shapes the whole face, jawline, and neck in a single session. Thread lifts also produce a healing response which, in turn, generates collagen production. This extra collagen provides more volume to treated areas for the long term.

PDO Smooth Threads

PDO smooth threads establish a mesh foundation beneath the skin which stimulates the natural production of collagen. Smooth threads result in a smoother and more plump appearance. This process can be performed anywhere on the face or body.

Smooth threads naturally tighten skin from within. The result is an almost instantaneous reduction of lines and scars. Smooth threads treat the following areas: neck, cheeks, smile lines, vermilion lip border, forehead lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and acne scars.


PRP uses the client’s own platelet-rich plasma. This plasma contains stem cells and platelets that naturally intensify the body’s production of collagen and stimulation of hair follicles. As a result, clients will have growth in new hair and thicker hair. Typically, the treatment plan involves a few visits over as many months along with follow-up sessions.

PRP can also be used to treat scars, wrinkles, pores and volume loss. In addition, it rejuvenates skin.

Plasma Device Treatment

Plasma Device Treatment is the single most advanced rejuvenation device that is also non-invasive. It improves appearance without performing expensive surgery. This device has been continually tested and improved over time. It creates a more contoured and youthful look.

Non-invasive Treatment for Skin Tightening

A non-invasive plasma technology treatment is highly effective in smoothing out wrinkles, tightening eyelids, and revitalizing skin. It brightens skin tone and improves texture. In addition, it tightens skin that is loose and diminishes lines and wrinkles.

Treatment options for Plasma Device Technology

Upper Facial

This treatment can perform an eyebrow lift or improve various spots. It may also feature a full lift of the forehead to diminish horizontal, vertical and worry lines. Upper facials can smooth out hollow temples and crow’s feet. This option includes non-surgical blepharoplasty for both the lower and upper eyelids.

Mid Facial

This treatment may feature a cheek lift or rejuvenation of ear lobes. Mid facials address such items as accordion lines and folds, horizontal lines and nasolabial folds.

Lower Facial

A lower facial treats the corners of the mouth, smile lines and vertical lip lines. It can also tighten the jowls or jawline, and perform chin augmentation.

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